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A brief history of our newsletter

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May/June 2019.

VICTORIA 2016 — The Hungarian Society’s newsletter, whose title means "What's New With Us," is in its 40th year. It was started in 1976 by yours truly with the very enthusiastic support of the then president of our society, Michael Turje. We intended it to be a modest bulletin as we were—and still are—a small community.


The Sopron Forestry University students that immigrated to BC in 1956 gave our newsletter its meaningful intellectual direction with the goal of reflecting the varied ideas, interests and activities of Hungarians here in Victoria and also to notify every one of upcoming events.


During the four decades of its existence, it has passed through numerous editorial hands – Paul Tattay, Ted Szamecz, Steve Butz, John Miska, and of late, myself again.

A publication, no matter how humble, has to arise and come to life from the combined opinions and sentiments of everyone in our society, while at the same time maintaining a unique identity of its own. Thus, the reader gets a rather realistic picture of what we and our newspaper is about.


Today, going back over these earlier publications after all these years is an experience in itself – we barely recognize ourselves. Today’s technology makes it so much easier to view the very first issue as if it had come out yesterday.


We can confidently say that our newsletter has served its purpose very well. It was—and remains—with us, holding us together, sharing our joys—and sorrows. Let’s keep it going.

[NOTE: Joe passed away in February of 2015. Kor Gable, aka Zoltan Nagy, became interim Editor-in-Chief, and in time, Agnes took over that role and Kor resumed his function as technical editor in charge of layout, assembly and distribution.]




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